Aver Orbit SVC500


Multipoint система с мощен ZOOM обектив и футуристичен дизайн, два входа за камера и два за презентации, комуникационни възможности с H.323, SIP и Skype for Business протоколи и RTMP стрийминг.

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Описание на Aver Orbit SVC500

Мултипойнт Full HD Система за видео конферентна връзка с вградени 6 точки и възможност за разрастване до 16.

Като представител на следващото поколение видеоконферентни системи,  Aver  SVC500 има футуристичен дизайн с извита стойка, поддържаща мощен 18-кратно увеличаващ zoom. Безграничните комуникационни възможности са обеспечени с присъствието на H.323, SIP и Skype for Business протоколи и RTMP стрийминг. Двойните входове за камера и  презентация осигурява безпрецедентна видеоконферентна връзка.

Описание (не е задължително)
HTML/JavaScript код:

<iframe width=“560″ height=“315″ src=“https://www.youtube.com/embed/b829AFsZ0NA“ frameborder=“0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Aver Orbit SVC500 - VideoConference.bg

Brand New Future ID Design

The SVC500 was endowed with a futuristic design the stylish “orbit” theme can be seen on the camera, codec, microphone, and even the user interface. The SVC500 conveys our product concept perfectly it is the best choice for next-gen work space.

Aver Orbit SVC500 - VideoConference.bg

H.323, SIP, and Skype for Business Support

The SVC500 can receive and share content as well as live videos. The integrated Skype for Business provides endless collaborative communication possibilities. In addition, H.323 and SIP protocols are also integrated to empower the SVC500’s multi-communication capabilities.

Aver Orbit SVC500 - VideoConference.bg

Supports Dual-Camera/Dual-Presentation

More options are available on the SVC500. Now, you can choose to show the 1st camera, the 2nd camera, or both. The SVC500 can also accept input from multiple sources. With two input sources available on the codec, users can choose to use HDMI, DVI/VGA, or both at the same time. The SVC500 is capable of providing an unparalleled video conferencing experience!

Aver Orbit SVC500 - VideoConference.bg

Supports License Upgrade up to 16 Sites

Users can take advantage of our license upgrade program to expand up to 16 sites. The system can be expanded easily to meet your company’s growing communication needs.

Aver Orbit SVC500 - VideoConference.bg

Built-in 32G Recording Storage Capacity

No more fumbling around for a USB drive when you need to record a meeting the SVC500 is equipped with 32 GB of internal storage. In addition, iSCSI functionality is also available for cloud upload. You will never have to miss another event!



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