Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec

Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec е мощна и гъвкава платформа за създаване на перфектната видео конферентна комуникация . SX80 осигурява видеосигнал с Full HD (1080p ) резолюция и предлага първата в отрасъла поддръжка за H.265. Кодекът предлага богат набор от входове и изходи и разнообразие от възможности, които са приспособими към специфични бизнес нужди. 

The SX80 Codec also supports several sophisticated camera features to enable intelligent viewing capabilities within a video conference:

  • SpeakerTrack 60 dual camera system – features a unique direct, fast-switching approach for active speaker tracking 
  •  PresenterTrack2 – an industry-first feature, supports automatic detection and tracking of the presenter at the front of a video conferencing room, dynamically following the presenter from seated to stand-up position within a defined trigger area so they can move about more freely (requires additional Cisco TelePresence Precision 60 Camera)

Cisco TelePresence SX80 Integrator Package with Touch 10 and SpeakerTrack 60

Cisco offers three SX80 Integrator Packages to reduce the need for external equipment and the overall cost of enabling video in larger meeting rooms:

  • SX80 Codec and PrecisionHD 1080p 4x camera for smaller room scenarios
  • SX80 Codec and Precision 60 Camera for larger room scenarios with the best image quality in the market
  • SX80 and the SpeakerTrack 60 dual camera system

With its powerful media engine, the SX80 Codec lets you build the video collaboration room of your dreams.