Arec Media Station KS-710

Media Station KS-710


Multi-Source Synchronized Recording

KS-710 supports synchronized multi-source recording through HDMI/VGA/RJ45 interfaces currently found on Full HD network cameras, notebook PCs, digital microscopes, DVD players, wireless microphone etc. It supports DVI and component video cable inputs when using appropriate DVI to HDMI or component to VGA adaptors.

Achieve Multi-Source Live Steaming

Except supporting multi-source recording, KS-710 also provides multisource live streaming to broadcast the live image and voice of an ongoing lecture or event on YouTube Live, UStream, Twitch and various other web-based live streaming websites, allowing viewers to attend at any location through the Internet.

Video Management Platform

Built-in all-new video management platform, administrators or teachers can manage lecture videos stored in local machine remotely, such as renaming/uploading/deleting a video file, inserting lecture index functions etc. With user account management and system management platform, administrators can also access the system setting and management options through the Internet.

Flexible 4-Channel-In and 5-Channel Video-Out Design

KS-710 supports up to 4-input sources capturing and up to 5-channel synchronized video outputs. Users can choose “multi-view recording” or “multi-channel + multi-view recording” modes accordingly. The multi-view recording (also known as live video mixing or switching) requires less storage space and can be immediate watched when live streamed. The multi-channel + multi-view recording can record up to 4 original but synchronized video sources with 1 mixing (or switching) video output for flexible using or post-production editing.

Proprietary Signal Separation Technology

AREC’s Signal Separation Technology allows the flexibility of single or dual sources front stage (live lecture) display while simultaneously performing multi-source and multi-screen recording. This feature has been widely used in diverse vocational education and simulation labs.

Built-in Hard Drive Storage and Online Director

With 1TB built-in hard drive, KS-710 not only stores hundreds of hours recording videos but also enhances the overall efficiency. Besides, KS-710 has built in online director that is used to control and monitor the cameras’ field of view, camera mount precision movement, image source switch, image layout switch and audio mixer functions etc.

Intelligent Video Switcher / Intelligent Presentation Indexing

When paired with AREC Auto Tracking System, Student Tracking System and Presentation Index Application, the Intelligent Video Switcher can switch video source automatically. Moreover, when used with Presentation Index Application, KS-710 supports auto video index creation and insertion for expanded educational value and possibilities.

Graphical User Interface

KS-710 comes with a fully graphical user interface utilizing information visualization in order to minimize the learning curve required. A remote control allows for easy operation of KS-710*s comprehensive capabilities including screen split, lecture recording and live streaming etc.